What boat do you use for the practical part of the course?
During the practical part of the course you will be driving a 2022 Goldfish 28 Tender powered by twin 300bhp Mercury V8 Verado engines.

What other boats will you have presented on the Dock during the course?Besides the course boat, we will strive to have several of our models represented at the Goldfish Service Dock. Some will be there for you to enjoy at the dock and some will be available to take out for a spin with our representative present at the dock.

Can I participate in the course even if I do not own a Goldfish boat?
Yes of-course. We welcome everyone that wants to participate.

When will it be mandatory to have a High-Speed Certificate?
The government will require high-speed certificates starting from 1st of June, 2023.

Why is the Goldfish course so much more expensive than other courses?
Our course covers all the requirements for a high-speed certificate, but we differ in the way we organise a full-day experience at our service dock. Our goal is for you to have a meaningful day where you can improve your skills, learn more about our boats, meet like-minded people and enjoy good food. You will not be disappointed.

When do I get my certificate after course completion?
You will get your certificate from the Norwegian Maritime Authority some time after the exam is passed.

Do I need to pass the exam?
Yes, you need to pass the exam in order to get your certificate.

Can I skip the course and just take the exam?
No, it is required by the Authority that you participate in the course and pass your exam in order to get your certificate.

Can I cancel the course?
Yes, you can cancel your participation 7 days before the course starts.

Can I change the course date?
Yes, you can change the date for when you would like to have the course 7 days before the course starts.

How do I cancel or change the course date?
Contact the Support team and we will help you.

What happens if there are too few participants attending the course?
In the event that there are too few participants attending the course on a specific day, we reserve the right to move your attendance to another day. We will contact you about your options and possible changes in good time before the course.

I am guaranteed the certificate when completing the course?
No, you need to pass the exam in order to get the certificate. It all depends on whether you pass the exam or not.