Each Goldfish ever built is unique, and is connected to a build number. Your build number typically consists of your boat models name and a factory number. You might write it like this:

  • GFS29-129
  • 29Sport-129

The boat model in this case is a Goldfish 29 and the factory number is 129. By combining the two strings of information it becomes easy to communicate what Goldfish Boat you are referring to.

Here are three places you can easily locate your build number

1. Your boats dashboard

Locate build number - Dashboard

A majority of our models have the build number engraved right there in the dashboard.

2. Log in to your MyGoldfish account

Locate your build number - MyGoldfish

At the very top of the first page on your MyGoldfish account you will se your build number.

3. Locate your HIN-number

Locate your build number - Stern of boat

HIN is engraved on the stern of the boat, starboard side.